SA's Poor Have Better Standard Of Living, Claims Stats SA

Poor South Africans enjoy a better standard of living compared to their counterparts in many other countries. The latest figures released by Statistics South Africa puts the country’s extreme poverty line at R26 a day per person.

This is almost double the international line for extreme poverty, at about R14 per day. Lack of proper housing, malnutrition and hunger are some of the characteristics of poverty.

Statistics South Africa says the number of South Africans unable to purchase enough food to supply them with enough energy to stay healthy has increased since 2010. The figure has increased from 20% in 2010, to 21.5 % in 2014.

Some believe that an integrated approach is what is needed to address poverty in communities. South Africans living below poverty levels spend R3 35 a month compared to R3 21 previously.

Despite limited resources, food is now competing with other needs.  These items include airtime and transportation costs.

According to a church pastor, Sam Ramosa, poverty has resulted in most youths spending more time on the streets. The figures indicate that the country’s poor need at least R501, per person per month to survive.

While the cost of living had gone up, South Africa still fared much better than other countries.