Satellite Dish Installer Electrocuted

By Artwell Wikirefu

Masvingo, January 10,2014-A satellite dish installer was recently electrocuted to death while installing a dish,after a naked wire cable he was using got in contact with a naked live wire in Mucheke F in Masvingo.

The deceased was identified as Moses Robert and he was 24.Police spokesperson Peter Zhanero confirmed the incident.

According to eyewitnesses the disaster happened while Robert was on top of the roof installing the satellite dish.It is said that after being electrocuted, he fell from the roof and got some injuries on his back and on the hand.

Robert was hired to install the satellite dish.Residents expressed shock at the incident and blamed ZESA for not making inspections of their installations.

“This is really a shocking incident,when I heard noise of people crying I rushed to the scene only to find a man leaning over the roof, right by where the electrical connections are coming in.People were all over the house and a few women were wailing”,said a close neighbour.

Robert was rushed to Masvingo General hospital where he died upon admission.

Mirror (Masvingo)