School teacher persecuted for slating education minister and Zanu PF

A ZIMBABWEAN school teacher has been hauled to appear before a
disciplinary hearing to answer to misconduct charges after he was
accused of denouncing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling ZANU PF
party and criticising one of his allies for causing untold suffering
among citizens.

Stephen Mangoma, a teacher at Mateta (Rujeko) High School in Gokwe,
Midlands province will on Wednesday 12 June 2019 appear before a
disciplinary committee chaired by Douglas Chibvongodze, the school
headmaster after he was accused of unbecoming behaviour or indecorous
behaviour in breach of section 44(2)(a) of the Public Service

According to an outline of the charge sheet, Mangoma on 1 March 2019
allegedly acted in a manner likely to bring the Public Service into
disrespect or disrepute by scolding Primary and Secondary Education
Minister and Gokwe-Sengwa constituency legislator Hon. Paul Mavima(pictured)
whom he encountered in bottle store at Mateta 2 Business Centre known
as Gazaland in Gokwe and whom he confronted after accusing him of
causing the suffering he was enduring together with other people in
the country.

Mangoma allegedly told Hon. Mavima that he loathed the legislator’s
ZANU PF party and was refrained from further confronting him by the
Primary and Secondary Education Minister’s aides, who assaulted him
before leaving the bottle store.

The school teacher was later arrested by Zimbabwe Republic Police
(ZRP) officers on 2 March 2019 on the basis that he had scolded Hon.
Mavima and was detained at Gokwe Police Station until he was released
on 4 March 2019 after he paid an admission of guilty fine amounting to