Schools Reopen Without Teachers' Incentives


The 2014 schools third term opens this Tuesday with parents expressing worry whether the decision to scrap teachers’ incentives will not backfire by producing low pass rates.

The 2014 Ordinary and Advanced level final examinations to be written this term are expected to prove if the decision by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to remove incentives as well as scrapping extra lessons was a wise move.

After the drastic changes which left teachers’ morale at an all time low, the Ordinary and Advanced level students, who are sitting for the November examinations, are the second batch after the June sitting which produced a low pass rate.

With preparations for the schools opening in full swing, the ZBC News caught up with some parents some of whom expressed pessimism about the coming examinations.

Some students said they are ill prepared for the examinations and feel they could have covered a lot of topics if they had been allowed to go for extra lessons.

In the June 2014 examinations, 194278 candidates sat for the Ordinary level examinations and the average pass rate was 37,96 percent, which is over 13 percent lower than last year’s results.