Scramble For Bodyguards As World Cup Nears

The newspaper reported that requests from across the world peaked after last week’s 100-day celebrations to the soccer games kick-off and this will see several top-end security specialists being fully booked.

Dynamic Alternatives co-director, Gavriel Schneider said clients making requests for the service included executives, individuals and groups from the financial, sporting, industrial and mining sectors.

Their requests ranged from 24/7 protection to escorts for stadiums and tourist destinations.

A day for the services of a single close protection officer will cost them about R3 000.

Chris Beukes, head of TSU Protection Services said his staff will be working around the clock during the tournament.

“It starts at the airport, picking up clients and escorting them throughout the visit,” he said.

Tommy Meiring, a co-director of Legosec security, said his bookings almost tripled after the 100-day celebrations.

He said some foreigners have asked about terror attacks and others requested overnight duty services at hotels.

“It depends on the client. Some want security throughout the trip… while some want protection at certain venues only,” Meiring said. SAPA