Search For Chihuri Replacement Has Commenced: Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai said he met Theresa Makone and Kembo Mohadi over the commissioner general’s post, as Chihuri’s term had expired.

Tsvangirai said he met President Robert Mugabe and they agreed that the commissioner general was a key post and the prime minister had to be involved in that appointment.

“Pursuant to our agreement that l have referred to, l summoned the co-Ministers of Home Affairs and instructed them to commence the process of selecting suitable candidates for appointment into the Police Service Commission,” Tsvangirai said.

“The co-ministers assured me that they had already commenced the process.”

Tsvangirai said in the absence of the Police Services Commission, Chihuri’s reappointment had been unconstitutional.

“The president’s re-appointment of Augustine Chihuri is, therefore, contrary to the unambiguous dictates of the constitution,” he told a press conference, Friday.

“In addition, the president did not consult me as is required by the law. Chihuri is therefore, not a legitimate commissioner general of the police.”

Tsvangirai said he and his party would not recognise Chihuri’s reappointment.

He blasted Mugabe for what he termed lack of sincerity on the matter, saying as principals they had agreed that Chihuri was only police chief on a temporary basis until they had agreed on a substantive commissioner general.

“We have a president who indicates left and turns right,” the Prime Minister said.

“He has undermined our collective position and agreement as principals while he directs his functionaries to execute directives that are at variance with our common position.  The question is, Can the real Mugabe stand up?”