Securocrats Dont Trust Joice Mujuru: Wikileaks

This was said by the Tanzanian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Adadi Rajabu, when he met former United States ambassador Ray Charles in Harare in December, 2009 according to the whistleblower website.

Ambassador Rajabu told Ray that Mugabe and Zanu (PF) had made a grievous error by failing to find his successor.

The former US ambassador said: “According to the Tanzanian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Zanu (PF), as a revolutionary party, has failed in its efforts to govern Zimbabwe.

“The military is not likely to stand by should that happen, and will probably put  Emmerson Mnangagwa forward as leader because  the securocrats do not like Vice President Joice Mujuru.”

In what he said was one of the most pessimistic views of Zimbabwe he had heard from an African diplomat, Ray said Rajabu had told him that the Zanu (PF) was still in revolutionary mode and had completely failed at governing the country.

“Robert Mugabe at one time appeared to be looking at Joice Mujuru as a possible successor, but hardliners within the party labelled her and her husband as too close to the US and UK and he switched his attention to Emmerson Mnangagwa,” the Tanzanian ambassador told Ray.

“It isn’t clear, though, if this means he sees Mnangagwa as a successor, or if this is just another example of his continuing manipulation of his party. Should he suddenly die or be incapacitated, however, there will be chaos.”

Rajabu said that those who believe the military’s professionalism will keep it from intervening in politics were wrong.

Ray said the Tanzanian envoy thought that the military would, in such a case, put Mnangagwa forward as leader because the military chiefs and other hardliners did not trust Mujuru.

The Tanzanian ambassador reportedly said Zimbabweans were tolerant, but their patience would someday come to an end, and that would result in chaos and spill over into the region.