Sekai Holland Assumes MDC Renewal Team Interim Presidency

The beleaguered MDC-T party split has further widened with Acting Chairperson of the MDC-T Guardian Council, Sekai Holland assuming the role of the interim MDC Renewal president until the party’s next congress.

Holland said the MDC-T, which is currently in disarray, requires a return to the founding principles of the party, accusing founder leader Morgan Tsvangirai of the current divisions in the party and for making the party a personal property.

Holland said in line with the resolution by the National Council at Mandel Training Centre early this year, she is assuming the role of the interim party president and will work towards establishing systems for the survival of the party.

“The renewal team is where those who still adhere to the original values and principles of the party are. I therefore on this occasion officially assume the role of interim party president,” she said.

Mrs Holland bemoaned the repeated tailor-making of the constitution to suit the personal needs of Tsvangirai, the use of violence as a means to control, abuse of party finances and persistent leadership failures.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Rugare Gumbo has described Tsvangirai’s recent calls for people to rebel against an elected government as grandstanding.

“Tsvangirai’s speech is a non-event and an act of grandstanding. We are making efforts to revitalise the economy through the massive economic deals we have sealed with our partners, yet others want to destabilise the country,” said Gumbo.

The MDC-T is currently working on amendments to the constitution in a process being spearheaded by the Constitutional Review Committee.

The party is however divided on the constitutional review process with some sections against the centralisation of power in the hands of Tsvangirai.