Senator Sekai Holland threatens to quit

“I do want to do a job where people are seeing all faults and nothing positive about what I am trying to do in this country,” an angry Holland told women at a workshop in Harare. “If you women think that I am not doing my job then come and do it yoursleves because I am going to quit.”

She had been provoked by a woman who told her that she was not visiting her constituency of Chizhanje and was just using the Organ to attend conferences and workshops in Zimbabwe.

“You chefs just eat and drink at major hotels and are doing nothing in the rural areas,” the woman told Holland.

“There is nothing being done by the Organ and we do not what it is achieving. Where is John Nkomo. Where is Gibson Sibanda (now late),. We never see them.”

Holland then stood up and threw her hand bag on the high table and threatened to quit.

She said she and the late Gibson Sibanda had done all they could do to make the Organ work despite the fact that it was currently cash-strapped.

Meanwhile some members of the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisation Nango attending the same workshop castigated the organisation, saying it is a toothless bulldog.

“What has NANGO done for us,” a member questioned bosses at a workshop in Harare. “Where do we stand as far as the constitution is and what is our position.”

NANGO held a meeting to see what they could inject in the upcoming National Budget 2011 but debate changed to the constitutional making proces currently suspended in Zimbabwe.

“What if Tendai Biti just throws out what we say here and are just wasting our time,” a member said.

“He does not take NANGO seriously just like all other government ministers. They are just using us.”

NANGO members said they were requesting a meeting with thei Minister of Finance (Biti) to ensure that their voices were heard.