Service Delivery Woes Worsen in Bulawayo

High density suburbs such as Tshabalala, Sizinda, Magwegwe and Luveve are now characterised by heaps of uncollected garbage which has became both a health risk and an eye sore.

Residents in the suburbs told Radio VOP that council was not collecting refuse, a development which has resulted in residents dumping rubbish in streets and opening spaces.

“We have gone for several weeks without any refuse collection. Residents are dumping rubbish everywhere in the high density suburbs. The situation could have been worse if we had managed to receive rains in the city,” said Jairos Moyo, a resident in Tshabalala.

Moyo said residents were also worried about the location of the dumps which were exposing children to health risks.

“Sometimes you see young children scrounging in these heaps. The council should really do something before this situation get out of hand. Residents now have to contend with heavy smell coming from the dumb that is scattered all over,” he said.

On Sunday Tshabalala residents called a meeting and resolved to pull their resources together and remove some of the garbage.

“This issue is now a threat to our health. While we will continue to engage council over the issue we felt we also have a duty to clear the garbage,” said another resident.

Bulawayo Mayor Thaba Moyo said council is aware of the problem and is
currently devising a programme of action.

“Council has come up with a programme of action for the removal of the garbage. Our refuse collection vehicles will very soon move into the affected areas during weekends,” he said.

President Robert Mugabe recently described Bulawayo as the best run city in the country.