Shamu Ordered To Probe Zanu (PF) Disputes

President Robert Mugabe re-election bid is said to be in tatters due to factionalism in Zanu (PF) resulting in the revolutionary party on Wednesday convening an extraordinary politburo in attempts to deal with divisions within the party.

Party insiders told VOP that the special session of the politburo was a no-holds-barred affair as members sought to deal with the fissures in Zanu (PF) seen threatening President Mugabe’s re-election in polls he wants held this year, with or without a new constitution.

“Shamu has been tasked to go back to the provinces to assess the discord around the recent district coordinating committees’ elections. He has been asked to nullify results where they were irregularities province by province,” said a politburo member after the meeting.

The same member added that the stalled constitution-making process was discussed at length and it was resolved that the Parliamentary Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) be pushed hard to produce an acceptable draft within 10 days.

Another politburo source said it was reiterated at the meeting that President Mugabe was the sole candidate for Zanu (PF) in the polls the politburo stated should be held this year without fail.

Zanu (PF) spokesman Rugare Gumbo confirmed Shamu’s task.

Gumbo said Mugabe was very unhappy with the divisions of the party.

“The national commissariat team has been asked to visit all areas were disputes arose. Where there are irregularities they will organise re-runs,” said Gumbo. “We have decided to give him (Shamu) another chance. He has another mandate to nullify results or have re-runs,” he added.

“Fireworks, it is a creation of the media. It was an open and frank meeting. One of the best so far this year,” said Gumbo.

On the constitution-making process, Gumbo said the politburo demanded that COPAC complete the constitution by the end of May.

A report presented at the last politburo meeting revealed that the party was ravaged by a myriad of problems, top among them factionalism, an indication that problems bedevilling Zanu (PF) were deep than what was initially thought.