Shun Factionalism,Take Advantage Of Chaos In MDC-T: Grace

CHIMANIMANI, October 8, 2015-Zimbabwe’s First Lady, who is also the Zanu (PF) Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Dr Grace Mugabe has castigated her party members still engaging in factionalism, warning that their clandestine actions will be revealed one of these days.

Dr Mugabe says she is not afraid to speak against those engaging in factionalism, urging party members to refuse to be involved in such acts.

“Don’t be fooled into engaging in factionalism.Vanhu varikuita zve factionalism ndivo mapenzi vanoita zvekugeza kuchinaya (Those engaged in factionalism are fools),” says Dr Mugabe, adding “Vese varikuita zvakarerekera ku factionalism, you stop it.”

The First Lady said Zanu PF should instead take advantage of the chaos in MDC-T which has split into many factions.

She warned those in high positions to be exemplary and straightforward saying any wrong doing and abuse of her name will not be taken lightly.

“Let’s be united and concentrate on the jobs we were given by the President,” she said.

Dr Mugabe reportedly urged people to pursue peace and not to be fooled by Americans and the West, saying the nation should look at what happened in Libya, Iraq, Tunisia and Egypt, adding that these countries were peaceful when Muammar Gaddafi and Sadaam Hussein were presidents there.