Sikhala Claims Witchcraft Eliminated His Tormentors

MDC-T founding member and former St Marys MP Job Sikhala has sensationally claimed that people who tortured him during his incarceration as he faced treason charges are dead or mentally disturbed after his parents engaged witchdoctors to avenge his arrest.

Sikhala said this was “one of the secrets” that he wanted to reveal in his upcoming book, Prison of Existence.

The ex-legislator, his lawyer Gabriel Shumba and three others were arrested in January 2003 for allegedly training a “Red Army” to topple long ruling President Robert Mugabe. They reportedly went through torture ordeals, which allegedly involved applying
electric shock on their private parts.

Sikhala said the torture ordeal hardened rather than destroyed his spirit, going further to say he thanked his parents for seeking witchdoctors to deal with his tormentors. He even named some of the tormentors who are now dead or mentally challenged.

“Torture inculcates rebellious mentality and hardens an individual,” Sikhala said in one of his daily messages on Facebook on Sunday.

“A few days ago, l had a long meeting with my lawyer Gabriel Shumba in Pretoria, South Africa. Shumba and I were brutally tortured in January 2003.

“Some of those who took us to the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence base along Seke Road for torture are dead after our parents went to witchdoctors to retaliate against our tormentors.

“This is one of the secrets I only wanted to reveal in my book Prison of Existence.

“The few who are still alive are mentally deranged.

“One of them is based at Makoni Police Station and is in a state of pathetic mental disorder.”

Shumba is presently the executive director of Zimbabwe Exiles Forum and an advocate in the Gauteng High Court.

“These were things we were discussing (with Shumba),” Sikhala continued.

“We thanked our parents for being proactive during our time of need. We did not have the capacity to revenge, but old people know how to do it.”

Sikhala, who has been arrested several times facing various crimes, said the 2003 experience was his worst.

Last year, he claimed he had sired nine children in a 10-year spell with his wife to erase the effects of the 2003 torture ordeal which targeted his reproductive organs, leaving some of his colleagues infertile.

He was quoted saying: “l was able to quickly respond to medication in Denmark (after his torture) and l was able to produce kids. So when l realised ‘l can now do it’ l said let me do it in 10 years . . .”


Southern Eye