Sikhala Denies Rejoining MDC-T

Harare, March 11, 2014 – MDC99 leader Mr Job Sikhala yesterday denied reports that he had rejoined MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s party saying it could have been politically lucrative reuniting with him in the run up to the July 31 harmonised polls when he looked set for victory than now when his camp was on fire.

He confirmed Mr Tsvangirai visited his St Mary’s home on Saturday, but claimed they did not meet as he was not present when the embattled opposition leader came knocking.

Mr Tsvangirai held a rally at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in St Mary’s in Chitungwiza on Saturday.

On Sunday Mr Tsvangirai told party supporters at a rally in Mabvuku that Mr Sikhala phoned him pledging to rejoin him but the MDC99 leader is denying ever talking to him.

“There is no deal yet but from here to 2018 a lot of things can happen along the way. What would attract me to rejoin the MDC-T today when it was more lucrative politically to do so towards the July 31 elections?

“There are lots of internal fights and do you think there are prospects of me rejoining Morgan Tsvangirai when they are currently in turmoil?

“I could have opportunistically somersaulted into his net in 2013 when they approached me than now. I allowed them to join hands with Simba Makoni. What are the changing circumstances for me to rejoin them today when I did not when they were closer to power?” he said.

Mr Sikhala reiterated that Mr Tsvangirai must first make peace with those he is feuding with at the moment — secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti and deputy treasurer Mr Elton Mangoma – before inviting founding party members like him to rejoin the MDC-T.

“If I would meet Mr Tsvangirai today I would tell him his call is positive but it also needs those people he is in disagreement with,” he said.

Mr Sikhala claimed he was occupied with strengthening the MDC99 than events in the MDC-T even though “there was mutual respect between me and Mr Tsvangirai”.

“I do not care about what is happening in the MDC-T. They can kill each other, they can knife each other, I do not lose sleep over it,” he said.

Mr Sikhala said chances of the MDC factions re-uniting were non-existent.

“I do not see it happening because of the nature of what is happening. It is in the public glare that those people are not in agreement,” he said.