Sikhala Sets In Motion 2012 Election Campaign

However, Sikhala could not be disheartened by the number of people and went ahead with his rally telling villagers that he was ready to unseat both Mugabe and Tsvangirai in the next election. He accused Mugabe of having killed nearly 5 000 political activists since 2000.

From the rally at the Growth Point, Sikhala spent the whole day in Chivi district visiting public places such as Beer Halls and Bus Stations pleading with the people to support him in the next election.

Sikhala said Zimbabwe must join the whole world in voting for ‘young, energetic and visionary leadership’.

“Tsvangirai has also shown that he is not educated by going to bed with Mugabe. I try to phone him and some people who are now ministers in his party but they no longer answer our calls now. They just behave like Zanu-PF. We are supposed to rise and unseat this evil coalition between Mugabe and Tsvangirai,” Sikhala said.

From Chivi, Sikhala addressed about 30 people at Mucheke Hall in Masvingo on Saturday afternoon where he also reiterated that he was planning to look for any means possible to remove Mugabe from power.

He however, bemoaned that a few people who wanted to support him in Harare were all cowards. He told that he was betrayed by his supporters last week after trying to make anti-Mugabe demonstration.

“I am shocked with the level of deceit within those that try to support me. We were many when we started the anti-Mugabe demonstration in Harare last week but while I was busy singing leading the march, I later turned around and discovered that everyone had run away. I only remained with two people – even the national chairman who is here upfront today betrayed the party last week and ran away,” Sikhala said amid laughter from the floor.

After addressing the people in Mucheke Hall, Sikhala set up his interim provincial executive committee which comprises of six men.

He promised to launch a star rally in Mucheke Stadium in January 2012.