Siwela’s Condition Worsens In Prison

According to his close friends, Siwela was rushed to the prison clinic a few days ago after prison officers reported that he had turned pale and had become too weak to stand.
His lawyer Lucas Nkomo of the newly formed Abameli Human Rights Network confirmed that Siwela was seen by a medical officer at the clinic after his condition deteriorated last week due to high blood pressure caused by too much stress.

Siwela has been in detention since March when he and two other MLF Bulawayo executive leaders, John Gazi and Charles Thomas were arrested for allegedly distributing what police described as “ subversive material ” whose aim was to incite Zimbabweans especially those from the western province of Matabeleland to rebel against President Robert Mugabe.
When the three officials appeared in court, the judge granted the two, Gazi and Thomas bail of US$2 000 leaving Siwela to be incarcerated in prison.The judge said Siwela who is a prominent businessman in Bulawayo,  had another serious case pending and related to his activities with those seeking a separate Ndebele state.

When he appeared for another bail hearing two weeks ago, a Harare judge told Siwela to write an affidavit dissociating himself from the activities of those seeking a separatre state of Matabeleland.Meanwhile Gazi, a former Zipra special weapons expert is fighting allegations that he has been a mole for the secret service since the 90s.
Another MLF official, Max Mkandla, also a former Zipra guerrilla officer has denied he has links with the spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).