Six American Doctors Arrested

The doctors comprising five males and a female doctor had been working in Zimbabwe for many years and were even given a farm to operate from in Mutoko at a place now known as Mother Faith Mission.

Their lawyer Jonathan Samkange confirmed the arrest on Friday afternoon.

“I can confirm that the police arrested the six doctors at Ranche House College in Harare but they haven’t charged them,” said Samkange.

“The doctors have been working in Zimbabwe for a long time now on HIV/AIDS projects and have a lot of patients most of whom are AIDS orpans. They are in police custody at Harare Central Police Station.”

The American doctors also operate an AIDS clininc in Hatfield Harare.

Samkange queried why the police went on to arrest the doctors and put them in custody without charging them.

“They were arrested yesterday (Thursday) and I am wondering why the police did not charge them and there is no complainant. The Ministry of Health officials even vouched for them. Their work in Zimbabwe is well known. I shall only be able to bring them to court after the mandatory 48 hours in custody that the police  are allowed to keep suspects,” he said.