SK Moyo Urges Zimbos To Shun Laziness

Senior Minister of State in the President’s Office, Simon Khaya Moyo, yesterday had no kind words for fellow countrymen describing them as lazy and corrupt whilst showering China and Cuba with praises of good work in the face of challenges.

Speaking at the launch of the Harare Metropolitan Business Forum, Khaya Moyo, who was representing Vice-President Joice Mujuru, said Zimbabwe would not realise its full potential if it did not follow in Cuba’s and China’s footsteps in the spirit of hard work, respect for leadership, integrity and unity.

“China and Cuba worship hard work. It’s key. They also worship unity. They have zero tolerance to corruption. Above all, they respect their leaders,” Khaya Moyo said.

“I am glad that China, Cuba and other similar countries are so united and disciplined. If this country is to succeed, we must ask ourselves: Are we hardworking? Are we disciplined? Are we united? If we fail to subscribe to these attributes, then we are going nowhere. 

Khaya Moyo commended Cuba for standing resilient against United States sanctions.

“The Cubans have been under American embargoes for the past 53 years or so. They have invested so much in labour. Every village in Cuba has a doctor and their life expectancy is 75 years of age. Their doctors who are abroad send remittances back home,” he said before reading Mujuru’s speech.

The accusations come amid serious fights within Zanu PF as factions fight to position themselves to succeed 90-year-old President Robert Mugabe.