Smaller MDC Faction Circus Continues

Mutambara also fired the current president Welshman Ncube and Priscilla Misihairambwi from the executive of the party which split in January at the congress. Mutambara was ousted as president of the party in January by Ncube. He has since been barred by the courts not to purport to be the leader of the MDC after the Ncube faction sought an interdict from the Bulawayo High Court.

But on Monday Mutambara’s new look national council held its first meeting in Harare where it resolved to endorse Mutambara’s 9 February, 2011 purported expulsion of Ncube from the MDC.

As the circus around Mutambara continues, his national council, resolved to also expel the organisers and all those who attended what they described as the “illegitimate” national council meeting of 11 February 2011 held at Ncube’s Hillside offices.

“The national council resolves to expel the organisers and all those who attended the illegitimate national council meeting of 11 February 2011 held at the Hillside offices. The organisers and all those who attended the said meeting are expelled in terms of Article 4 subsection 4.10 of the party constitution,” Mudzumwe said.
The national council also noted that Mutambara has been inhibited from performing his duties due to the temporary court interdict won by the Ncube formation after his former secretary general ousted him.

“The interdict will be respected and will continue to be respected,” said Jourbert Mudzumwe, the MDC national chairman at a press conference on Monday.

He however, said in order to maintain the smooth of the MDC, the national council resolved that he (Mudzumwe) take charge and offer services whenever the services of the president of the party are required.

He added that as chairman of the MDC he had been tasked by the national council to pursue the outstanding issues of the expulsion of the party’s officials from the constitution-making process at the alleged instigation of the Ncube group, the issue of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) negotiators and the party finances.

“The national council has further resolved to immediately fill the positions left the expelled office bearers. To that effect, a new national council has been reconstituted and the names will be announced in due course. The MDC-M notes with concern that the two negotiators of our party had appointed in the SADC negotiating process, (Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga and Moses Mzila Ndlovu) are now abusing both the GPA process and the other four negotiators by seeking to settle internal party differences through the negotiations.”

Mudzumwe said members of the party still want Mutambara to be the party president.

Surprisingly the Mutambara led group has been silence over the time without raising any concern about Ncube and his group’s appointment of negotiators to the GPA. The party has not attended any negotiators meeting, but Mutambara who has said he will remain a principal and Deputy Prime Minister has been attending the negotiations.

Mudzumwe and his other disgruntled members of the MDC have appealed in the High Court to nullify the elevation of Ncube and his team. The High court is yet to hear the matter.