Smaller MDC Faction Wants Ncube To Attend GPA Meetings

“We are hoping that the new MDC president will attend any further meetings of the principals that include our party,” Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga told Radio VOP. “If that doesn’t happen then we will seek to have an order passed by the High Court effected.”

Ncube and Mutambara are at loggerheads following the ouster of Mutambara from his party’s presidency at a congress held last month.

Mutambara despite attending the congress and participating in the official handover ceremony to Ncube has in recent weeks made a sharp u-turn claiming that the congress was unconstitutional. Mutambara has said that he remains the party’s president and leader in government and even took an unprecedented move by firing Ncube from the party.

In response the party’s national council met immediately after and resolved to expel the robotics professor from the party.

A High Court ruling passed early this month has also upheld Ncube‘s elevations to the party presidency. But President Robert Mugabe has refused to swear Ncube as the new deputy premier of Zimbabwe, saying he can only do that if Mutambara resigns.