Solar powered boreholes to alleviate water challenges in Gweru

By Stephen Chadenga
Gweru Urban legislator, Brian Dube has said the solar powered boreholes established in suburbs in his constituency will go a long way in alleviating perennial water challenges bedeviling the city.

Speaking recently at the commissioning of two solar powered boreholes in Northlea and Ascot suburbs Dube said the had consulted with residents on key priority development projects they needed and water was singled out as the major challenge.

“My approach as a representative is people centred,”Dube said.

“When l approached you (community) you indicated that water was a big challenge in your areas hence that is why we established these solar powered boreholes.”

Dube said water was life hence the need to ensure that people had “uninterrupted access” to the resource.

He however urged residents to safeguard against vandalism of the water sources.

“You should jealously guard these water sources from vandalism and thieves,”he said.

In Northlea over 300 households had gone without tap water for years and had to rely on the genorosity of nearby churches for the precious liquid.

Ascot residents were also drawing water from distant manual boreholes.

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association director Cornelia Selipiwe commended Dube for adopting an inclusive approach to developmental needs of the community.

“As a residents association we have always emphasised on the need for leaders to consult with people they represent before embarking on community projects,”he said.

Many parts of the city face persistent water problems due to water bursts and ageing equipment.