Soldiers Assault MDC Supporters in Mutoko

At least six MDC supporters were badly injured and were sent to the Mutoko Hospital for treatment, the party said in a statement, adding that it failed to locate one woman who was among those injured.

The soldiers had been circling the venue of the rally in a truck during proceedings and descended on the helpless supporters as the meeting came to an end.

Business came to a standstill as shops were forced to close in fear as the soldiers went after MDC supporters who were donning the part’s green t-shirts.

“The MDC will not abandon the campaign for a just and fair Zimbabwe. Zanu PF has demonstrated to us that it is a violent political party. President Robert Mugabe is not keen to build bridges. The MDC will
hold Mugabe accountable for the disappearance of the five MDC supporters since the soldiers claimed to be taking instructions from Mugabe,” the party’s deputy spokesperson Kuraone Chihwayi said.

“We are a team of seasoned fighters with the capacity of surviving any storm. We are not going to surrender until the final hour. A peaceful and tolerant Zimbabwe is possible under Ncube.”

The party’s Secretary General, Priscila Misihairabwi Mushonga’s told Radio VOP that, “It is so disgusting that we have such cowards who couldn’t face the leaders and waited for us to leave.

“The next time we come to Mutoko we are spending the night under the trees, they should
come for us if they are not cowards because we are the ones who invited the innocent villagers. So they should deal with us and stop intimidating villagers,” said Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

Ncube addressed about 200 MDC supporters and told them that Mugabe is the worst leader in the world.

“We are a nation with serious problems. We have gold and diamonds but we are poor. We have the highest literacy rate in Africa and yet we are poor. Where are we getting it wrong? We have a massive leadership failure and l can say Mugabe is the worst leader in the world,” Ncube said.

The MDC leader urged people to vote yes for the Copac draft constitution and he vowed that he will never allow Zanu PF to amend the draft constitution.

He added that a new constitution itself was not an end but a beginning of the democratisation process in Zimbabwe.