Soldiers Beat Up Budiriro Residents

According to the victims, the soldiers entered the bar and ordered the shutting down of the television before forcing everybody to lie face down. The soldiers did not give reasons for beating up people.

“We were busy watching the game between Real Madrid and Manchester City and suddenly a team of soldiers entered into the bar. They ordered everyone to lie down and they started us beating us with clenched fists and heavy sticks. I received injuries and did not go to work today,” said Japheth Mapuranga, a resident of Budiriro surburb said.

“They started singing Zanu (PF) slogans and ordered everyone to join them in sloganeering. I managed to sneak out and ran away but had received injuries on my hand after being thoroughly beaten by the soldiers,’ said Andrew Makuyana, another resident said.

Soldiers have been on a terror campaign since last week when they started beating up rank marshals and touts in the Harare Central Business District (CBD).

This followed reports that the touts had beaten one of their colleagues and the operation has resulted in the cleansing of members of the infamous Chipangano terror group that had been extorting commuter operators.

The soldiers beat up people on Tuesday and Wednesday last week mornings and during the evening indiscriminately, resulting in ordinary people condemning the act as people were caught unawares going about their businesses.

Soldiers and riot police beat up touts and commuters at Charge Office bus terminus, Copacabana and Market Square commuter bus terminuses. Other small bus terminuses were also affected in the melee across the capital.

Zimbabwe soldiers are known for being ruthless and taking the law into their hands over the years. It is common to have soldiers revenging on their colleagues who would have been attacked by people for various reasons in the country.

Even at beer halls soldiers are known for attacking revellers as they use their positions in society to do whatever they want to do.

The police have said they arrested over 400 touts over disturbances in Harare but did not say that their own officers and members of the Zimbabwe National Army were beating up people.

Radio VOP understands that three soldiers were beaten by Zanu (PF) touts last week at Charge Office bus terminus after they had an argument with touts when they wanted to pay a lower charge for travel.

Zanu (PF) touts have been controlling bus terminuses across the country illegally collecting revenue, which is said can reach up to $20,000 a day, while councils were not benefitting.

Soldiers in 2008 went on a rampage in Harare at the height of the economic decay beating up people and looting shops after complaining about high levels of inflation which ran into millions which was ravaging the meagre salaries.

The military forms part of Mugabe’s strong support base and was fingered in the dealy violence that left over 300 supporters of Tsvangirai’s MDC dead.