Solve Problems In Soweto First: ZCTU’s Moyo Tells Mbeki

Addressing workers at the May Day celebrations Japhet Moyo, ZCTU secretary general castigated Mbeki’s involvement in raising donations for the University of Zimbabwe when his ally Mugabe is using thousands of state funds to sponsor students with links to his ZANU PF party at a time when the UZ has been in the doldrums.
“Two days ago, we hear the former President of South Africa was at the University of Zimbabwe raising money for the university. You know that we have a presidential scholarship. Today we pay a lot of money to South African universities. When we say our children must go to South African universities, we will be looking forward that those who benefit are children from parents who cannot afford college fees,” Moyo said at Gwanzura stadium during part of the workers day commemorations.
“But those that are going to South African universities are children of Ministers. If you are not from ZANU PF, you cannot benefit. We are now seeing banks like FBC and others falling over each other to pledge to Thabo Mbeki. But we see that bank employees were refused transport to gather here for this day. Banks refused to pay any donation for this day but they donate millions to Thabo Mbeki.”
“Why does Mbeki come to help us when there is poverty in Soweto. What did he do about the poverty in Soweto when he was president in South Africa. He must go back to resolve issues in South Africa, we can do our things alone in Zimbabwe. We don’t need him,” Moyo added.
Mbeki, the chief architect of the Global Political Agreement and a confessed admirer of Mugabe has been accused of siding with the 88 year old Mugabe’s ZANU PF party during the negotiations to form a unity government.
Mbeki’s critics say problems in the unity government over reforms were deliberately crafted by Mbeki in Mugabe’s favour. The former South African leader was ousted by the ANC congress which ushered Jacob Zuma to lead Africa’s leading economy.
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai addressing the same gathering appealed to two factions of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) to unite and fight for workers rights at a time when the biggest labour movement is riddled by divisions.
“We know that today there are factions. Factions are there in politics but you cannot have factions in workers unions. The working class cannot be divided on the basis of personalities. The working class will always be united on the basis of class interests,” Tsvangirai said at Gwanzura stadium in Highfield suburb where the George Nkiwane faction of the MDC was celebrating workers day.
The other faction of the ZCTU is being led by Lovemore Matombo.
“It’s very imperative that this day unites us than it divides us as workers. I want to appeal very much to the leaders, some that I have very high respect for that they must come back and unite, that is the only way the interest of the workers of this country can be tackled through one voice and one unity.”