Some Zanu (PF) MPs Dump Constituencies For Harare Comfort: Charumbira

Masvingo, July 28, 2014-The president of the Chief’s Council  Chief Fortune Charumbira told Zanu PF supporters who gathered for victory celebrations in Mucheke stadium on Sunday that some of the members of Parliament from Masvingo had already deserted the people who voted them in power as they prefer to live a flashy life in luxuriant suburbs in Harare.

Although Charumbira did not name the MPs who have dumped their constituencies, he said it was regrettable because the same politicians were tarnishing the name of their party.

” It’s a shame that one year down the line, we are already looking for some MPs who have dumped their constituencies. You know all of them who are putting Zanu PF in disrepute. They (MPs) have preferred to hide in Harare where they live a luxurious life while the electorate has no one to represent them,” said Charumbira. 

Turning to the issue of factionalism within Zanu PF in Masvingo, Charumbira pleaded for unity. He was quick to make it clear that he did not belong to Mujuru faction but he only attended the event in his capacity as a chief.

“I am here as a chief, I am bigger than any faction. There are people who are already saying I am here hence I sympathise with Mavhaire’s faction. No. If you invite me to your faction, I can still come,” said Charumbira.

Charumbira’s remarks came at a time when Masvingo Urban legislator Daniel Shumba was attacking Senator Dzikamai Mavhaire for  allegedly propping up factionalism in Masvingo.

Shumba snubbed the event despite being billed to speak.

Minister of Provincial Affairs for Masvingo Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Energy and Power Development Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire, Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi and some legislators known to be sympathisers of the Mujuru faction attended the event.Politics


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