Soul Brothers Jet in Thursday for Zapu Jubilee celebrations

Delight Majola, a spokesperson of the Bulawayo province branch, which is organising and hosting the celebrations, said the South African musicians who will provide entertainment at the celebrations alongside local artists, will be part of a road show to promote the jubilee on Thursday.

“The Soul Brothers have confirmed that they will be here in Bulawayo on Thursday. We will have a road show on Friday, together with the Soul Brothers, in all the party’s districts in Bulawayo,” she said.

Majola said they are expecting at least 35 000 people to fill Barbourfields stadium, home of the famous Highlanders Football Club.

“We have the honour to host such a big event and we have assigned each district to take care of a specific province. The districts will take care of these provinces, host them, usher them. The preparations are now at a highly advanced stage and we have received a lot of cattle donations to slaughter for the day.

“We are expecting at least 35 000 people and the gates will be open as early as 6 am to receive people who would be coming from outside Bulawayo. Others will be travelling overnight to arrive early in the morning,” she said.
Majola said the celebrations will mark the beginning of a “prolonged and sustained” campaign by the party for the next elections.

“For those who truly don’t believe that we are totally out of the unity accord with Zanu (PF), must know that we are doing these celebrations as Zapu. We don’t know what they were celebrating over the weekend,” she said.

Majola said the celebrations will end at 5 pm because attempts to have it stretch to 9 pm seemed to be failing.
The celebrations come a week after Zanu PF concluded a conference in Bulawayo.