South Africa To Open New Border Posts

Sisulu was speaking in Durban following a three day visit to South Africa by her Zimbabwean counterparts who concluded a three-day commission on defence and security.

The meeting aimed to improve relations between the two countries, particularly on issues of safety and security. It is said that vehicle smuggling, human trafficking as well as drug trafficking pose serious threats to both countries due to the single border between the two
countries.Now South Africa plans to ease congestion at the Beit bridge border by introducing two new border posts which will be built at Mapungubwe and Chikwarakwara in Limpopo. Both new border posts will link the Trans-frontier
parks.The South Africans are reported to have complained to their Zimbabwean counterparts about the issuing of 24 hour passports which they say have contributed to chaos at the Beit Bridge border, the busiest port of entry in Southern, East and Central Africa.The influx of Zimbabweans into South Africa forced Pretoria to deploy soldiers to patrol their side of the frontier.

The minister maintained that the situation has improved along the border between the two neighbours and on the border with Mozambique following the deployment of the army.
Both countries have pledged to apply stricter border control measures. The commission plans to draw up similar legislation for both countries in an effort to curb rhino poaching. The migration of illegal Zimbabweans into
South Africa will also be closely monitored. A memorandum of agreement was signed during the meeting.Meanwhile thousands of Zimbabwean Immigrants in South Africa fear deportation saying they wont be able to beat the December 31 deadline for them to legalise their stay in the country.The South African government gave Zimbabwean immigrants up to the end of this month to get permits.Those who will be found without permits after the 31st of December will be rounded up and sent back to Zimbabwe.