South African Defence Force To Patrol Zimbabwe Border

“The SA National Defence Force is deploying from different bases across the country and troops have been mobilised and are currently being briefed and prepared for the journey back to the border from 12 April 2010,” a statement from the ministry said.

“The SANDF is deploying on the borders of South Africa and Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.”

Defence and Military Veterans Minister Lindiwe Sisulu was satisfied with the process of redeploying the troops following a briefing by SANDF chief General Godfrey Ngwenya, the ministry said.

“Following a briefing by the chief of the SANDF, the minister of defence and military veterans is satisfied with the process being implemented to redeploy the SANDF to support other law enforcement agencies currently patrolling and managing South African borders.”

Sisulu was informed that the advance technical teams consisting of engineers, communication experts and logistics were currently on the borders, finalising the establishment of headquarters and “all other necessary infrastructure” for the full return of soldiers.

Sisulu said initially the SANDF will support and complement other law enforcement agencies on the borders.

She said that “over time” more soldiers would patrol the borders, allowing members of the South African Police Service to be deployed to other areas.

“We are going back to the border under the South African Border Management Agency that was approved by Cabinet,” Sisulu said.

“We will complement and work closely with other law enforcement agencies.

“When Cabinet approved the SANDF redeployment to the border they said that working with other law enforcement agencies, we must bring a stop to all illegal activities at our borders, from cross border crimes, criminal syndicates, abuse of poor people and stock thefts.

“We are ready for the task.” SAPA