Speaker Cautions MDC-T MPs Against Heckling Zanu(PF) Legislators

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has warned MDC-T MPs against heckling Zanu PF legislators who survived the party’s brutal purge saying “all political parties are not perfect”. 

Mudenda told MDC-T MPs who were jeering former Cabinet minister Webster Shamu, who is currently serving a three-year suspension on allegations of being part of a group that was working with ousted Vice-President Joice Mujuru to allegedly topple President Robert Mugabe, to stop it, saying their party was also not immune to the internal turbulence rocking Zanu PF.

Shamu was being heckled by the MDC-T MPs as he debated the Presidential speech with legislators who included Murisi Zvizwai and Tabitha Khumalo saying: “You are singing for your supper”.

“I would want to advise honourable members that we should not take advantage of internal party political dynamics and democracy to abuse each other. All political parties are not perfect and we must be cognisant of that. Imagine if all of us were to take what is happening to some political parties and bring it here. What will happen? There will be chaos,” Mudenda said.

As Shamu was debating the Presidential speech, Zvizwai together with other MPs continuously heckled him saying he was praise-singing President Robert Mugabe so that he could stay long in Zanu PF as most of his colleagues who were linked to the Mujuru camp had been kicked out of the party with some losing their parliamentary seats.

“That’s why you are saying Mugabe has vision . . . It’s too late. Very soon, you will follow the likes of (Kudakwashe) Bhasikiti,” Zvizwai shouted from his bench.

Bhasikiti was fired from Parliament last week along with Ray Kaukonde and David Butau after being expelled from Zanu PF for allegedly working with Mujuru.

Before he was recalled from Parliament, Bhasikiti tore into his former comrades, accusing them of neglecting the people and being corrupt.

Although the MDC-T MPs were heckling Shamu, the former Zanu PF political commissar seemed unfazed by the attacks from the opposition MPs as he continued with his praise-singing of Mugabe, describing the 91-year-old leader as a visionary President who is an “African icon”.

Before Shamu spoke, Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele (MDC-T) tore into Mugabe’s speech which was delivered last year during the official opening of Parliament, saying it failed to stimulate economic growth and lacked vision to take the struggling Zimbabwe to better days.

Ndebele said the Zanu PF government had failed to propel growth in the country’s economy due to “clueless leadership” as well as negligence.