Stampede As Crowds Want To Catch A Glimpse Of Suspected Women Rapists

The three women were caught by police with a plastic bag of used condoms but the three have denied the allegations that they are part of a syndicate that has been raping men and taking the semen for ritual purposes.

“So far the three have denied raping men and have said they are prostitutes who find themselves so busy with clients that they do not have time to dispose the used condoms. They said they intended to throw away the condoms,” said a police officer based at the Gweru central police station.

The police source said the three are denying the allegations that they could be part of a women syndicate that is raping men and collecting semen against their will.

The arrest of the women attracted large crowds at Gweru central police station with people curios to see them.

Some of the crowds interviewed by Radio VOP expressed doubt the women were telling the truth that they did not have use of the used condoms and semen they were found in possession of.

“It’s unbelievable that someone gets so busy to the extent of failing to throw away that dirty stuff which smells. They should tell the truth and the police should be thorough in their investigations,” said one man who only identified himself as Tobby.

Another said, “We hope the arrest of these three will enable the police to arrest the rest of the women who are terrorizing us by being intimate with us against our will. Their story is unbelievable and we believe they had a reason for keeping that semen.”

The cases of women raping men have been on the rise in the country.

However other people interviewed confirmed the three women were well known prostitutes who were regular patrons of some night clubs in the city. The three are all believed to stay at a house in Mkoba 4.

The women were arrested on Sunday along the Gweru-Lower Gweru road after they had rushed to a scene of an accident involving a boyfriend of one of the three women and tried to retrieve their package from the car.