State Agents Accused Of Trying To Alter COPAC Data

Highly placed sources within the technicians uploading COPAC data said the CIO operatives were altering information to suite the views  which Zanu (PF) wanted included in the new constitution.

“What Zanu (PF) thought was going to be the outcome of the information gathering from all the country’s regions is not what is coming out and this has not gone down well with them.
 The issues of a 99 -year leases on land, Presidential powers and death penalty to those found guilty of inviting sanctions are not seeing the light of day in the current data uploading hence the attempts to alter the information by these guys whom we are working with, “said the sources.
They further stated that there was a likely interruption of the process by Zanu (PF) as a result of this.

“The recent statement by President  Robert Mugabe is a  clear indication of that Zanu (PF) no longer wants the constitution process to be completed.Their operatives in the  process have altered them of  this development which is  going to weaken them, “added  the sources.
Contacted for comment COPAC spokesperson Jessie Majome could neither deny nor confirm the allegations.

“There has always been suspicion on from all political parties from the onset of constitution making   process and we can not rule that out. As you know there might be people who may want to score their political goals in this process. However we are monitoring the process and will always be on guard, “she told Radio Vop.
 Majome explained that the data uploading teams were hard to prevent those trying to temper with the data collected from outreach programmes.Last week one of the data uploading personnel was dismissed from the process after he attempted to smuggle a laptop from the place where they were working. The case has since been reported to the police.

Meanwhile COPAC announced that it has completed its data uploading ahead of Tuesday deadline.The Copac data uploading process which began two weeks ago experienced some technical challenges during the premature stages as well as hiccups which were caused by the withdrawal of rappotuers by the MDC faction led by Welshman Ncube.
There had been fears that the upload process was going to miss its January 25 deadline.