State Agents Confiscates Rights Defender’s Property

The unidentified State security agents prevented Maguwu, the Director of the Centre for Research and Development from leaving Harare International Airport to attend the Sixth Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders in Ireland scheduled to run from 14 to 16 September 2011.
The conference gathers human rights defenders at-risk, from every corner of the world are scheduled to gather to share experiences, learn from one another, discuss relevant issues and engage with decision makers from governmental and inter-governmental bodies.
The unidentified State security agents, who conducted a body search on Maguwu, confiscated his HP 625 laptop, power pack, wallet, Olympus digital camera, cash, business cards, bank cards, notebooks, laptop bag and all its contents.
The State security agents also seized Maguwu’s boarding passes, his travel insurance, accommodation bookings and three notepads.
Attempts to engage the State security agents to understand the reason for this action were not entertained as the officials chased Maguwu from their office at the airport. They refused to identify themselves or explain anything to him. They then ordered the diamond rights researcher to have his passport re-stamped for entry into Zimbabwe after they foiled his trip to Ireland.
Maguwu’s check-in luggage which was pulled off the Kenyan Airways plane by the airline’s officials was also tampered with and Kenya Airways officials refused to explain what had happened to his luggage.

Lawyers from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) accompanied Maguwu to make a report to the police and were, by Saturday evening, finalising an Urgent Chamber Application seeking to recover his impounded property and to prevent State agents from harassing him further.