State Broadcaster Dodges Messenger Of Court

Sources at the state broadcaster told Radio VOP that the company‘s truck, a Chinese CAM was impounded following the attachment of the company’s vehicles at its Montrose studio last year.

“Most of the company’s fleet has been attached because of debts. One of the people who is suing the company is an employee who is owed money by the company,” said a source at the company who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

According to investigations carried out by Radio VOP all the company vehicles including those used by journalists to cover stories have now been stripped of their ZBC logos and stickers so that they cannot be identified by messenger of court officials.

A Radio VOP news crew on Monday spotted a ZBC news vehicle at a function in the city without a logo.

“All the vehicles have been removed their logos. The trick is to make it impossible for the messenger of court officials to distinguish between the company’s vehicles and  that of staff members.” said another source.

Radio VOP failed to get a comment from Nonceba Mnkandla, ZBC Montrose manager.