State Of The Art Hospital Lies Idle

Mutora Hospital has not yet been completed since its construction started many years ago.

Access to the hospital is difficult due to a poor road network leading to poor service delivery. Apart from this, the hospital faces a critical shortage of nursing staff.
The District Nursing Officer, Salphina Mashavakure told Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who was touring the area that her hospital caters for a very young productive population where girls marry as early as at 16 years old.
“The hospital caters for a densely populated area with a young productive population. Girls in this area marry at 16 or even 15 because the boys will have made money from cotton sales. We therefore service more than 250 000 people and yet many of our clinics in the area are not working,” said Mashavakure.
She said more clinics are needed in the large district.
The hospital has no doctors and yet it is supposed to be manned by two medical practitioners and yet it caters for more than 250 000 people. Many more key positions at the hospital have not been filled. She told the Head of Government that it has become difficult to attract key staff to the institution because of poor remuneration.
Prime Minister Tsvangirai promised to investigate the challenges raised at the meeting and to present a report to cabinet.
“We will sit down with the ministers involved in these projects so that we see where the problems are. This hospital (Mutora) must be up and running,” said Tsvangirai.
Zimbabwe’s health institutions have for a long time been under stress due to the de-industrialisation that crippled local economic sector.
But since the formation of a transitional government in 2009, in which Tsvangirai is Premier and Robert Mugabe-president, health institutions have seen some facelift.