State Opposes Bail for villagers In Row with Mohadi.

Gwanda resident magistrate, Ms Sheila Nzombe had remanded Given Mbedzi, his mother Philani Ndou, Soforia Ndou, Jameson Mbedzi, Alifa Mbedzi, and Philemon Marubini Ndou, Ignatius Ncube and Knowledge Muleya out of custody on their own cognisance.

However the state represented by Mazwi Goto invoked section 121 which gives the state seven days in which to oppose bail with the High Court.

Messrs Kucaca Phulu and Matshobana Ncube of Phulu and Ncube Legal Practitioners had successfully applied for refusal of remand on stock theft charges against Philani.

Philani is alleged to have cut a piece of fence from a farm belonging to Minister Mohadi, which resulted in several herd of cattle straying, and these are still unaccounted for.

The lawyers argued that this did not form the essential elements of a case of stock theft, as there is no evidence to show that their client had stolen any cattle.

Philani and her alleged accomplices also face malicious damage to property charges after they damaged a door belonging to Minister Mohadi’s son, Campbell Junior.

The suspects have a long standing dispute with Mohadi over some plots adjacent to his farm and were arrested at the farm last Saturday afternoon.

They deny the charges and say they are an attempt to force them out of their plots.

Two offer letters were issued to both parties for same plot; Given Mbedzi has an offer letter issued in 2003 while Mohadi’s son Campbell Junior was issued with a similar letter in 2009 after Mbedzi reportedly abandoned it.

The case was moved to 12 January when it is hoped the state would have made a decision on granting them bail.