State Withdraws Summons Against Tormented NGO Boss

Chikomo was served with summons early this month by two police officers only identified as Sergeant Ndawana and Detective Chipwanya to stand trial at the Harare Magistrates Court on Wednesday 25 July 2012.

But the trial could not commence after State prosecutor Innocent Chingarande withdrew summons issued against Chikomo after he advised that the State was not ready to proceed with the matter.

It was agreed that should the State intend to proceed with the matter they would have to serve fresh summons on Chikomo to initiate the case.

Chikomo was represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights board member Selby Hwacha and Jeremiah Bamu.

He denied the charges which came after the forum conducted a survey on transitional justice in Harare’s Highfield suburb. The State said the survey was illegal since the organisation was unregistered.