Supporters Body Demands Probe Into Zifa Elections

The ZNSSA appeared before the parliamentary committee on Thursday saying the allegations that Dube paid Zifa councillors to vote for him are so serious that in the interest of cleaning the game such allegations also need to be investigated.
The supporters also claim that Dube paid $7 070 subscription for 10 provinces  a month before the Zifa board elections and brought to parliament a copy of receipt number 188806 which they say was issued out to Dube after the payment which was made out to Zifa on February 8, 2010.
The Footballers Union of Zimbabwe which also appeared separately before the same committee also alleged in its report that there was vote buying in Zimbabwean football.
“The current state of affairs of our football will be difficult to change as the councillors who vote into office the ZIFA Board is financed by the leadership. The leadership that is bankrolling some councillors is not concerned by the state of football affair, but are there to ride on the popularity of the sport.”
The supporters association’s big delegation which was led by president Eddie Mboma Nyatanga and also included vice presidents Eddie Chivero and Paddington Japa Japa said it was also against professional practice that the same Zifa president was the one who was lending money to Zifa for the association’s operations arguing that this was tantamount to corruption and vote buying.
“If Zifa owes  him money who will have the guts to question him, when he makes wrong decisions. Who in the first place authorised for Zifa to borrow from him,” asked Nyatanga.
Turning to Asiagate, the ZNSSA claims the investigations were not done properly contending that what should have been a national football cleansing exercise turned into a personal battle as those tasked to investigate had other interests besides soccer.
“We feel that there is a selective application of rules because while other board members were suspended over the matter Beki Nyoni, a councillor in the assembly representing coaches has not been suspended or interviewed by the Zifa investigating committee. Nyoni was HOD on the Kenya trip on whose commission Mapeza was suspended,” says the ZNSSA.
The ZNSSA appeared before the Parliamentary committee despite Zifa’s resistance. The Zimbabwe Football Association through vice president Ndumiso Gumede had written to the committee objecting to the ZNSSA appearance before the committee.
However, the committee struck to its decision and invited the ZNSSA.
Zifa, the PSL, the referees and coaches associations as well as the Zimbabwe Footballers Union have all appeared before the same committee before.