Supporters Urge Tsvangirai To Pull Out Of Inclusive Government

The supporters told Tsvangirai at a meeting that they wanted him out of the fragile unity, saying the Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe was acting in bad faith.

“The problem is that in the coalition government, you are strange bed-fellows. Zanu PF is pulling in the different direction-backwards, while you are forward looking,” said an ardent MDC supporter and headmaster of a local school in Masvingo.

“That man (Mugabe) is evil; he is a cheat, a hypocrite and is not genuine. I wonder why Tsvangirai would treat him with kid gloves, he should pull out,” said another party supporter.

Another party supporter concurred, saying Mugabe had proved that he is negotiating in bad faith.

Tsvangirai who is on a drought assessment tour of Chivi and Chiredzi, stopped briefly in Masvingo to address thousands of desperate supporters who had just gathered at the civic centre on hearing that he was going to pass through.

Tsvangirai called for a stop to violence by both his supporters and Zanu PF’s saying him and Mugabe were in good relationship and were “eating together evey Monday”.

Villagers in Chivi had on Friday night received threats from soldiers and Zanu PF youths who said they risked unspecified action if they went ahead and attended Tsvangira’s meeting.

The MDC claims more than 200 supporters were killed during the 2008 violence, while at least 5 000 where either injured or displaced.

Tsvangirai however said that he was caught between a rock and a hard surface.

“We have to try to soldier on under such a bad combination,” he told the supporters. “That is the option we got, but we are not going back, and we know we will get there. You should also remember how we got into government, Mugabe did not like it, but was under pressure.”

Mugabe recently stripped some MDC Ministers of powers in a move that has also angered party supporters.