Suspected Zanu (PF) Hooligans Ransack MDC Offices

The suspected Zanu (PF) supporters descended on the building at night and broke window panes before scrapping off the party logo and name from the walls.

The building which is owned by the Kidd family is located about 500 metres from the venue of the festival.

Birgit Kidd , a member of the family who is also the MDC-T ‘s Manicaland Provincial Secretary for Policy and Research told Radio VOP in an interview that she suspected the defacing of the building  was meant to prevent festival revellers from admiring and viewing the party name ,logo and slogans which were inscribed on the building.

“It appears the culprits were many because they used sharp objects to scrap the walls.  In some instances they used white pant to rub the words. Some even climbed the roof to rub the inscriptions. This is real desperation,” said Birgit.

Birgit said the family has already made a formal police report about the incident.

“We have made a formal police report this morning. We have information that a senior Zanu (PF) official was involved in this barbaric operation. The police have promised to investigate the issue,” said Birgit.  

Zanu (PF) has on numerous occasions threatened to take over the building and the family’s Saw mill, accusing the family of supporting the MDC. The Kidd family which is close to Roy Bennett, arrived in the area more than 40 years ago and has been assisting the local people.