Tanzania Pastor Conducts Sermons On Congregants' Backs

A pastor in Tanzania is making waves after it emerged that in his church, his feet must not touch the ground until after his sermon is over.

So how to achieve this feat? People must carry him around on their backs standing up, or he steps on their backs whilst they lie down.

It is perhaps fitting that this is coming out at this time, barely 24 hours after thousands of people forfeited a full day to bask in the sun waiting for Chris Oyaklihome. It is this stubborn clinging to religion, which strips away all faculties of reason, which makes Africa a laughingstock, and perhaps the most backwards continent in the world at this point in time.

As long as we as a people continue to let people control our lives in the name of God, we are not getting anywhere. We would only be left with pastors getting richer than everyone else, and politicians who exploit us and hide it behind God’s name.