Tanzanian Opposition In Poll Rigging Claims

DAR ES SALAAM- October 28, 2015-Presidential candidate Edward Lowassa has rejected the presidential poll results in Tanzania. Lowassa says the elections have been rigged.
He wants the electoral commission to stop the tallying process.
Meanwhile the ruling party has extended its lead. In elections held on Sunday, John Magufuli is contesting against opposition coalition candidate Lowassa in a heated election.  
Despite reports of simmering tensions, police say the country remains calm. With every result announced so far the ruling party’s presidential candidate has increased his lead. The latest tally shows a gap of about 400 000 votes with the main opposition candidate.
One hundred and twenty constituencies have been announced so far but with 144 to go, the picture could change. The opposition has accused police of raiding its tally centres, arresting its volunteers and hamstringing its independent results verification.