Teachers demand 50c to mark pupils’ work

By Priscilla Mafa

MBERENGWA Many teachers at Mketi Secondary School in Mberengwa district under Chief Mketi are said to be demanding a 50c fee from the pupils so that they can mark their daily work, TellZim News learnt that.

It was also learnt that the teachers had teamed up not to hold August holiday lessons to protest arrangements that their payment will be paid through the school and not directly to them.

Sources said the teachers told pupils to bring with them a 50c each if they wanted their daily work marked and those who could not pay in cash were to pay with some corn snacks or even maputi.

One pupil said they had no choice but to comply with the order as they did not want to disrupt their learning.

“We do not have a choice as pupils but to do what our teachers say and give them the money,” said the pupil.

The parents also do not have a choice but to give their children the needed money so that they give it to the teachers to mark their daily work.

School head Trynos Shumba and his deputy are said to be now seeking to be transferred from the school as they have failed to stop the practice which they feel is improper.

Mberengwa District Schools Inspector (DSI) and his team reportedly visited the school and were shocked to see male teachers roaming around the school without neck ties.

One of the staff members who refused to be mentioned said that there were two male teachers who are influencing and leading other teachers to rebel against the school administration.

The teachers are said to be accusing the administration for not taking them to the district prize giving ceremonies and taking SDC members to go and receive the prizes.

TellZim News