Teachers Forced To Join Zanu(PF)

Takavafira Zhou of the militant union said he was shocked to learn that hundreds of teachers in Masvingo and Midlands provinces were being forced to pay USD25 or buy goats as punishment for late confirmation of their membership to the former ruling party.
“We have learnt with shock that our members are being victimised by Zanu(PF) thugs for not joining the party. We have overwhelming evidence to prove the allegations, said Zhou.
Those found without party membership cards are severely punished and some forced to buy goats which are usually taken by the party heavyweights.
Schools in Bikita and Zaka districts in Masvingo are the most affected as war veterans leader and Zanu(PF) foot soldier Jabulani Sibanda together with Chief Nhema are forcing teachers to abandon lectures and
attend political ralies.
“It’s a shame that in some areas such as Zaka and Bikita, teachers are forced to leave schools to attend political rallies. Already their salaries are not enough and they are fined if they are found without party cards, Zhou told Radio VOP.
RadioVOP was informed that teachers at Cheziya High School and Gombo Primary in Gokwe and Mabika areas in Mberengwa and some in Masvingo were affected.
Zhou promised to take the matter to the responsible ministers in government.
Meanwhile MDC supporters in Masvingo continue to live in fear as the campaign of intimidation by war veterans leader Sibanda rages on.Sibanda, a former Zipra cadre believed to be in Emmerson Munangagwa,s camp has been accussed of spearheading a campaign of terror aimed at instilling fear among villagers there.
He is reportedly working with chiefs in the province.Police have turned a blind eye to his activities as Sibanda is believed to have the backing of party heavyweights and the Big Man himself.
ZANU(PF) Masvingo provincial chairman Lovemore Matuke denied that teachers in the province were forced to join the party.He said they were joining ‘willingly’.
However when contacted for comment Provincial Education Director (PED) Ms Clara Dube said she needed more time to investigate the issue.