Teachers Sidelined From Presidential Input Scheme

Chaos and confusion has gripped the uneven distribution of farm inputs since last week when the programme was launched with allegations of abuse by senior Zanu (PF) officials including Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka who is alleged to have “looted” over 50 tonnes of fertilizer during the weekend.

However Mahoka has denied the allegations saying she got the inputs on behalf of her constituency.

The input scheme is being viewed by some Zanu (PF) supporters as a campaign tool by President Robert Mugabe ahead of possible elections this year.

On Tuesday morning teachers who were among hordes of people who had thronged GMB depot were suprised that other civil servants got the inputs.

A Karoi GMB official a Mr Wareka addressed the disgruntled crowds:”We have allocated inputs to different ministries including Health, Justice, Defence, Agriculture among others where you will get your share.”

Wareka failed to explain why the Ministry of Education had been left out before being booed by the angry crowds keen to receive their share of inputs. He said he will consult his superiors over the issue.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe president Takavafira Zhou denounced the selective approach. “It is a pity that politicians are discriminating …it’s against the constitution, the supreme law of the country. He said his union may take a legal course if those affected approach their offices.