Teachers Union Demand Mugabe Back From Annual Leave

PTUZ president Takavafira Zhou told Radio VOP on Thursday: “We want Mugabe back from leave now because he has left the country burning. There is no time for him to go and rest while he is aware that there is no one who can chair the cabinet meeting during his absence.

“Teachers want salary hikes and nothing else. We have been silent for a long time now but our members are very agitated, restless and their elasticity has reached a breaking point.”
Mugabe is in the Far east on his annual leave.
PTUZ wants teachers to receive a basic salary of US$ 502, Housing Allowance of US$ 150, and Transport Allowance of US$ 100 while teachers in rural areas get a rural and hardships allowances of 30 percent of the basic salary.

Zhou said their negotiating team was promised to get a government response on their demands by January 3, 2012 but nothing had been communicated to them.

“In the same manner in which MPs were given their allowances, we are also demanding salary hikes. There is a lot of money but the problem is that the government is channelling it to ghost workers,” said Zhou.

Schools are due to open next week.