Team Lacoste, G40 In Turf Wars Over Masvingo

As Zanu-PF succession wars intensify, bitter rivals G40 and Team Lacoste are tussling over control of Masvingo province with both factions having recently convened meetings and recommended the expulsion of rival loyalists of either faction.

Alleged G40 members convened a meeting last week Thursday in Gutu where they resolved to campaign against Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Shuvai Mahofa and Liaising for Psychomotor Activities in Education minister Josaya Hungwe, accusing the two of fanning factionalism.

In retaliation, alleged Mnangagwa loyalists in the Lacoste faction convened a Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting last Saturday at Masvingo Polytechnic College where they reshuffled the provincial executive replacing G40 loyalists with trusted lieutenants.

They routed for Ezra Chadzamira’s reinstatement to the post of Provincial Chairperson and relegated G40 members to peripheral positions.

Current chairperson, Amasi Nenjana was conspicuous by his absence at the PCC and was said to have sent an apology, leaving Secretary for Information and Publicity, Ailes Baloyi to chair the meeting.

Provincial Political Commissar (PC) Jeppy Jaboon was replaced by war veteran Silas Ndlovu and relegated to Deputy Secretary for the Disabled.

Provincial Women’s League boss Veronica Makonese had her post given to Rosemary Maswa and was stripped down to Deputy Secretary for Health.

The youth wing was also reshuffled with the provincial youth chairperson, Nobert Ndaarombe getting demoted and replaced by Shingi Mangwana. 

“We have relieved Jaboon of his duties as our PC for various reasons. He failed to execute his duties well and worked alone without consulting the other leadership. He engineered unsanctioned meetings, that is why we have reassigned him.

“We haven’t fired them from the party but we have just given them new posts and we will continue to work with them. We also resolved to nullify the meeting that was convened in Gutu on Thursday and we will caution all the legislators who attended the unsanctioned meeting.

“We will write to all those we have reassigned and send the resolutions to Harare. We have also agreed to recall all the party vehicles used by the reassigned members particularly the one used by Ndaarombe and if they resist we will engage the police,” said Baloyi.

A strong warning was given to Masvingo urban legislator Daniel Shumba for aligning himself with G40.

In a separate interview, Shumba told TellZim News that the PCC meeting was a circus and nothing of their resolutions would hold any water.

“The PCC was unconstitutional and a circus by desperate party members who think they have the power to demote people just like that. Their resolutions are null and void. As far as we are concerned, the old provincial executive stands.

“They are misleading themselves and we would like to see who emerges victorious when the dust settles,” said Shumba.