Tekere Heroes Burial On Sunday

Tekere will now be buried at the national shrine on Sunday.

Steven Kada the family spokesperson said they had accepted the hero status.

Kada said they want to give time to church members in Mutare to be able to conduct services before travelling to Harare for burial.

“Sunday is the most appropriate day for us at it will give time for all Edgar’s Mutare friends to bid him farewell,” said Kada.

The news of Tekere’s hero status was delivered by Didymus Mutasa the Zanu (PF) national secretary for administration.

Mutasa said despite Tekere having wronged the President Robert Mugabe by challenging for his position, the leader of Zanu (PF) has forgiven Tekere and accorded him the hero status.

“Tekere was my cousin, he never wronged me but he has been challenging the leader of the party and we should be grateful that he has accorded him the national hero status,” said Tekere.

The people of Mutare received the news of Tekere being accorded national hero status with jubilation.

“His credentials should never have been questioned and I am happy that he will be buried at the heroes’ acre,” said Obert Zingwe a Mutare resident who was at the funeral.

Another Mutare resident Nyasha Muringi who was at the funeral said if Tekere had not been made a hero then no-one would have qualified to be called a hero.

“He is the one who led the president to Mozambique so if they had not made him a hero we were going to want who else will fit to be called one,” said Muringi.

Tekere (74) died on Tuesday afternoon at Murambi Garden Clinic after a long battle with cancer.