Ten Zimbabweans Die In Police Horror Crash

The Glen View commuter omnibus was bound for the city when it was chased by the police resulting in the crash.

Among the deceased was a mother who was clutching her baby in her hands. The baby survived the horror crash.

Commuter omnibus passengers blamed the police for the accident as most police officers were demanding bribes leading to the cat and mouse game.

On Monday Radio VOP reported that traffic cops manning road blocks along the country’s major roads were demanding bribes from motorists and officers were accepting anything from groceries to cash.

Zimbabwe’s civil servants earn US$150 which is below the poverty datum line of about US$500 a month.

This is probably one of the worst accidents in the country in the run up to this year’s Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile the Gweru National Blood Services said the blood donor base had dropped to less than a hundred clients out of the over 3 000 a month.

Midlands Region Customer relations Officer, Aggrey Ngazana told Radio VOP: “We are so much worried by the rate at which the adult clients continue to dwindle and we are in the process of organising social gatherings in a bid to lure more blood donors.”

“I am urging our old clients and potential clients to consider donating blood in order to curb the seasonal shortages. Blood stocks are dwindling and it is scary,” he said.