Tension Ahead Of SA Elections- IEC

Cape Town, March 11, 2014 -The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has warned that political instability could make the May 7 election very difficult to conduct.

IEC vice chairperson, Terry Tselane, briefed Parliament’s Home Affairs committee on the readiness of the IEC to conduct a free and fair election.

Tselane says extreme scrutiny is leading to a diversion of IEC resources. “We have more than ever before intra party tension as well as inter party tension. Members will also be aware that we have been experiencing pockets of instability in certain parts of our country.”

“But also, another aspect is that we have experienced a very intense scrutiny. Political parties are continuously taking us to court to contest some of the issues,”Tselane added.

Meanwhile, political parties have until tomorrow to submit their lists of candidates for the May 7 election.

IEC chief electoral officer Mosotho Moepya says, “The 1st of April will be the cut-off date for those objections. [Then] the 7th April will be cut-off date for members of the commission to have dealt with every one of the objections.”

The country goes to the polls on May 7 which has been declared a public holiday.