The Dembos In First Show

The two and their Barura Express band will share the stage with Sulumani Chimbetu, son of another music legend Simon Chimbetu at the International Hotel in Johannesburg.

Tendai and Morgan are still to record but have been holding shows around Zimbabwe playing the songs that made their father the legendary musician he was. Their album is now with the record company, although it is not yet on the market.

The group’s financier Peter Gosha revealed that although they had signed contracts to perform in South Africa, they were still battling to have passports processed for some members of the Barura Express including Morgan. Gosha who owns Zebra Kick Promotions said the group is scheduled to leave Harare on February 24.

Tendai and Morgan are sons of Dembo, widely regarded as the greatest musician to come out of Zimbabwe. His album, Chitekete is the highest selling in Zimbabwean music industry. Tendai and Morgan have been holding shows attracting good crowds due to the popularity of their father’s music.